GENUKI Book by David Hawgood

This is a book about GENUKI, an information service on the Internet for United Kingdom and Ireland Genealogy. It shows what type of information is in GENUKI, and how to find it. Regard GENUKI as the first place to look for U.K. and Ireland genealogy. GENUKI contains a great deal of information in its own web pages, including some transcripts and indexes, and has thousands of links to other information on the Internet.








Introduction How to find information using GENUKI Indexes and Transcripts Places, Towns, Parishes Sharing and Collaboration Family History Societies

Each chapter is one web page.

1. Introduction

Links from the GENUKI home page
Places and Topics - the structure of the main material of GENUKI
Descriptions of Places
"Genealogy" and "Names, Personal" as topics
Using your Web browser
Email from the web page
Mailing lists and newsgroups

2. How to find information using GENUKI

Annotated lists of topics
Frequently Asked Questions - with answers!
Contents Lists - and why you shouldn't use them
Societies, surname and email lists for all counties
Finding places and putting them on maps
Searches within GENUKI

3. Indexes and Transcripts

Transcripts of name lists
Parish Register Transcripts
On-line search of database of names
Off-line search service
Published indexes of names

4. Places, Towns, Parishes

From county to parish
Information about records of a parish
Name list for one parish
Collected information for families in a parish

5. Sharing and Collaboration

Surname lists by county
More collaboration methods
Look-up exchange
Interests of members of Family History Societies
GENUKI Supporters' Club - free news and comment
You can help GENUKI to expand and keep up-to-date

6. Family History Societies

What Societies offer
Fairs and lectures - calendars of events
Society projects to index records
Help with your family history

Appendix. Structure of this Book Format and amendments

How to order the printed book (48 pages, retail price 2.80, US$7 by airmail)

Publishing and copyright information about this book

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