Repositories and copies for source documents for Hawgood one-name study


Certificates (England and Wales after July 1837). David Hawgood has a copy of almost all certificates listed on the page of sources for this study. They were obtained by application to the department of the Registrar General. Reference numbers for application are given on the pages listing all births, marriages, and deaths for the surname Hawgood, taken from the index volumes at the Family Records Centre in Myddelton Street, London.

Wills and Administrations: (England and Wales after 1858). David Hawgood has copies of wills, administrations of estates, and grants of probate for most people of surname Hawgood listed in the indexes held at the Principal Probate Registry at First Avenue House, High Holborn, London. In some cases I just have notes from the index volumes, or the will but not the grant of probate; the grant usually adds little information to the entry in the index volume.


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