Outline of families

The table is an outline to help show the relationship of many people named Hawgood in the 1881 U.K. census to John Hawgood and Mary Lark.

John Hawgood b.1663 = (1702) Mary Lark
William Hawgood b.1704 = (1730) Anne Boys
Thomas Hawgood b.1706 = Anne
Thomas Hawgood b.1731 = (1758) Sarah Pool
William Hawgood b.1733 = Hannah
Thomas Hawgood b.1763 = (1795) Priscilla Robins Samuel Hawgood b.1769 = (1797) Elizabeth Copass John Hawgood b.1772 = (1795) Mary Reeve

    Obadiah Hawgood b.1812 = (1836) Mary Anne Gardner Thomas Hawgood b.1818 = (1843)
Mary Ann Cramp


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