Hawgood marriages from parish registers - summary - Northamptonshire

This is a list of marriages where bride or groom is named Hawgood or similar. It is for marriages in Northamptonshire, taken from parish registers mainly by John O'Reilly and David Hawgood.and from the IGI. The IGI extract was taken at various times up to 1997 so there may be additional ones now. Also see summary - the list including other counties events from IGI and with sources and notes.

NTH is county code for Northamptonshire - some parishes are shown as being in Northampton, England which is the IGI style, some are shown as NTH.
Sources are shown as numbers, see Key to sources

Names                                 Date              Place
  -----                                 ----              -----
  James BONNER/Elizabeth HAWGOOD        10 Oct 1805       Badby, Northampton, England
  Joseph TOMSON/Ann HAWGOOD             06 Nov 1720       Brington, Northampton, England
  John HAWGOOD/Elizabeth BROMLEY        27 Dec 1761       Brington, Northampton, England
  James WHITE/Elizabeth HAWGOOD         16 Jul 1792       Brington, Northampton, England
  John HAINS/Elizabeth HAWGOOD          09 Nov 1795       Brington, Northampton, England
  John HAWGOOD/Mary REEVE               09 Nov 1795       Brington, Northampton, England
  John DUNKLEY/Mary HAWGOOD             31 Mar 1823       Brington, Northampton, England
  Samuel BUNTING/Hannah HAWGOOD         24 Dec 1829       Brington, Northampton, England
  Obadiah HAWGOOD/Mary Ann GARDNER      01 Dec 1836       Brington, Northampton, England
  John ALLGOOD/Mary RICHARDSON          1761              Chapel Brampton
  John TARRY/Elizabeth HAWGOOD          30 Oct 1584       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Edward HAWGOOD/Isabell BEATE?         Feb 1638          Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Edward HAWGOOD/Alice (HAWGOOD)        Jun 1642          Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  William HAWGOOD/Mary MEWS             Jan 1689          Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  John HAWGOOD/Elizabeth SHERRINGTON    23 Jan 1707       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  William HAWGOOD/Elizabeth WHITING     24 Jun 1711       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  John HAWGOOD/Susannah HOLMES          1729              Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Joseph WELLS/Mary HAWGOOD             27 Dec 1736       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  William BUCKEN/Sarah HAWGOOD          04 Feb 1737       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Edward TARRY/Ann HAWGOOD              21 Jul 1746       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  James HAWGOOD/Elizabeth JELLY         13 Oct 1755       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Henry SMITH/Mary ALLGOOD              27 Apr 1760       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Thomas MASON/Hannah HAWGOOD           07 Nov 1814       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  John TOMKINS/Mary HAWGOOD             15 Sep 1819       Church Brampton, Northampton, England
  Thomas HAWGOOD/Priscilla HAWGOOD      05 Nov 1795       Daventry, Northampton, England
  Henry ABBOTT/Mary Ann HAWGOOD         1824              Daventry, Northampton, England
  John HAWGOOD/Sarah ARLIDGE            1829              Daventry, Northampton, England
  Samuel WARREN/Sarah HAWGOOD           07 Sep 1837       Daventry, Northampton, England
  Francis ALLGOOD/Amey LANGLEY          14 Oct 1729       Kettering, Northampton, England
  William LINNELL/Sarah ALLGOOD         05 Jan 1814       Kislingbury, Northampton, England
  James ALLGOOD/Catherine ADKINS        31 Dec 1745       Little Houghton, Northampton, England
  Nicolas HAWGOOD/Catherine CLIFTON     23 Jan 1618/9     Northampton St Peter, Northampton, England
  John HAWGOOD/Mary LARK                15 Apr 1702       Northampton St Sepulchre, Northampton, England
  William HAWGOOD/Elizabeth PETIVER     1644              Old, Northampton, England
  Thomas HAGGWOOD/Elizabeth HOWARD      09 Jun 1756       Spratton, Northampton, England
  William ALLGOOD/Eleanor STANTON       1773              St Sepulchre, Northampton
  William HAWGOOD/Ann BOYS              02 Oct 1730       Staverton, NTH
  Thomas HAWGOOD/Sarah POOL             08 Dec 1758       Staverton, NTH
  Christopher ALTHROP?/Catherine        27 Oct 1794       Sywell, Northamptonshire
  William HAWGOOD/Susanna (LETT)        01 Mar 1715       Sywell, NTH
  John MARRIOTT/Mary HAWGOOD            30 Jun 1771       Sywell, NTH
  Edward WHITING/Catherine ALLGOOD      11 Aug 1726       Wellingborough
  Benjamin HAWGOOD/Ann LANCEBURY        11 Oct 1792       Whilton, Northampton, England
  Thomas HAWGOOD/Martha CLARK           29 Jun 1717       Whittlebury with Silverstone
  Richard HAWGOOD/Alice BAND (Alice     25 Feb 1718       Whittlebury with Silverstone
  William HUTCHINS/Anne HAWGOOD         07 Nov 1723       Whittlebury with Silverstone
  Christopher HAWGOOD/Agnes BLAND       05 Aug 1730       Whittlebury with Silverstone
  James ROBERTS/Sarah HAWGOOD           30 Dec 1754       Whittlebury with Silverstone
  Thomas HAWGOOD/Elizabeth TAYLOR       06 May 1756       Whittlebury with Silverstone

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