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The information in these pages is from David Hawgood's study of Hawgood genealogy. Links from each family go to information sources, and to households in the 1881 U.K. census. The numbering of people is in a version of register format. All children in a family have roman numerals in sequence (i, ii, etc). A child who appears in a later generation as a parent has an arabic numeral as well; such a person only has name and lifespan in the list of children, detail is in the entry as a parent. In addition, each person for whom I have several pieces of information has a four figure number which I use to link information together. Thus in the Rutland and Derbyshire family , William Hawgood has roman numeral ii because he is second child in the family, arabic number 2 because he appears later as a parent, and number 1216 to link to his place in other lists.So he appears in the list of Henry Hawgood's children as:

2 ii 1216 William HAWGOOD 1819-1878 - see below

Further down the same family page he appears as a parent in his own family, with full detail:

Generation 2

2 1216 William HAWGOOD b. 1819 at Oakham, Rutland from 1851 census, and christening chr.27 Jul 1819 at Wesleyan Methodist, Oakham, Rutland source IGI
head age 31 in 1851 census transcript Derby - 29 New Uttoxeter Road source 216
d. Mar 1878 at Derby (source GRO)
m. Jun 1847 at Derby (source GRO) to:
1120 Sarah Ann PIKE b. 1817/8 at Derby from 1851 census
wife age 33 in 1851 census transcript Derby - 29 New Uttoxeter Road source 216
mother age 63 in 1881 census The Croft, Mickleover, Derbyshire census household 044
d. 10 Apr 1906 in Barnet, Middx ( source 167 and GRO), will 30 Oct 1906 at London probate to Frank Hawgood bank clerk source 167

(source GRO) or just GRO links to the appropriate place in pages of births, marriages and deaths extracted from the General Register Office Indexes (formerly known as St.Catherine House indexes, now available as books at the Family Records Centre in London, on microfiche in many libraries). If I have a certificate, the details of the date and place, sometimes maiden name of mother or name of spouse, are given on those same page of births, marriages and deaths - immediately below the index entry. In the entry below, source 197 leads to the list of sources, which identifies source 197 as death cert. of Henry Hawgood, Derby 1897; this enables me to find the certificate among my papers (I hope!). GRO) leads to the appropriate place in the table of deaths - this gives the GRO index to volume and page for the death, the information which you need to order a certificate. Underneath is the further detail from the certificate. I have not yet put in deatils from all the certificates I hold. The certificates I obtained as part of the 1881 census correlation exercise are in, those of my close relatives are not in yet.

d. 21 May 1897 at 47 Madeley St, Derby of Bronchitis; age 72 "of no occupation"; (source 197 and GRO)


link to family Quarter Forenames (surname is Hawgood) Age Registration District Ref born (from age at death)
1143 Jun 1897 Henry 72 Derby 7b 300 1824/5
  21 May 1897 at 47 Madeley St, Derby; cert 197 of Bronchitis; "of no occupation"; informant brother James Hawgood  

If a date is given as a month only, e.g. "d. Mar 1878 at Derby " that is usually the quarter in which the event is registered - so that death might be registered in January, February or March 1878, and might have occurred at the end of December 1877 and not registered until January.

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