1881 census 72 Uttoxeter New Road, Derby. RG11 3399 f87 p10

Information from census index. Items with square brackets and + signs are truncated in index.

ref name rel cond age prof where born note
  Philip BROOKES head u 78 retired [druggist+] STF, Burton  
1117 James HAWGOOD nephew m 54 Toy & [smallware dealer+] RUT, Oakham  
1118 Annetta HAWGOOD niece m 49   DBY, Wirksworth assumed to be wife of James
  James T B ASH GNephew   10 scholar STF, Burton  
  Mary ASH   U 21   STF, Burton  

Correlation note: Administration of estate of Annetta Hawgood was granted in 1899 to her husband James Hawgood. Age at death correlates reasonably with this 1881 census - so these confirm that the "nephew and niece" of Philip Brookes are husband and wife. James Hawgood marriage in GRO index is Dec 1855, Burton, 6b 439 - and Annetta Brookes has same reference - which all ties in with Annetta Hawgood being the actual niece of Philip Brookes, i.e daughter of his brother.

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